YOU WILL Take My “Gender in South Korea” Course This Summer!

“And you will tell all your friends about it too!” (Source: Pakutaso)

As excuses for not posting go, they don’t get much better than this!

In short, I’m very happy and honored to announce that I’ll be teaching the “Gender in South Korea” course at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies’ International Summer Session this year, which lasts from Thursday July 13 to Thursday August 10.

Alas, it’s all very sudden. Which means I’m still preparing a syllabus sorry, along with many of the other professors for their own courses. But I expect to finish that and have it added to the ISS website later this week, and the deadline for applications from exchange students is less than 3 weeks away too (international and Korean students’ deadlines are later). So why not make the announcement sooner rather than later, when I’m still so excited I can’t sleep for thinking about all the exciting possibilities for my classes? :)

If you’re interested in hearing the fruits of my labors this summer then, but with no tests(!), a focus on a presentation and discussions, some awesome field trips to go on, and—last but not least—many other great Korea and Asia-related courses also available, then please check out the website for further details. And please make sure to tell all your friends too!

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