An Englishman Who Writes a Feminist Blog in South Korea: Sex, Gender, and the Elephants in the Room

Estimated reading time: 1 minute. Image source: Pixabay.

Which I think is the correct translation of “一个在韩国写女权主义博客的英国人:性、性别和房间里的大象”, a long interview of me by Yiyi Zhang of Q Daily. Unfortunately for non-Chinese speakers, a lot is lost in the translation, but the gist is still there, and I’m happy that the comments generally seem to be positive. Please hit me up in the comments here if you’d like any clarification about anything in the translation, and/or if you just have any of your own questions about life, love, elephants, and what it’s been like blogging about Korean feminism for the last 11 years!

If you reside in South Korea, you can donate via wire transfer: Turnbull James Edward (Kookmin Bank/국민은행, 563401-01-214324)

8 thoughts on “An Englishman Who Writes a Feminist Blog in South Korea: Sex, Gender, and the Elephants in the Room

        1. Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply, and I forgot about that!

          Practically speaking, I’m 99% sure nobody would have any problem at all with you translating the article into English. But it would be hypocritical of me not to mention that I only translate excerpts of Korean articles now myself, for fear of being sued here in Korea. So I guess it’s up to you, and I would understand if you would no longer want to. Alternatively, I could just ask the reporter herself for permission if you like?


          1. No problem, everyone’s dead busy these days, I completely understand. I’m not the quickest to reply myself.

            Yes, if you could ask her that would be great. I’ve actually finished the first draft, but I think that would be the safest option – best to err on the side of caution and professional courtesy etc.


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