Quick Hit: “Exploration of Genders” (남녀소통 프로젝트 남심여심)

Maybe it’s just because they’re both wearing glasses, maybe it’s just because they’re both wearing pale clothes, but still — the resemblance between Nichkhun and Ham Eun-Jeong (함은정) here is just remarkable. What’s more, I don’t think that resemblance somehow makes them less masculine or feminine either, nor less attractive.

Okay, maybe — probably — it’s just me. And granted, I wouldn’t have given it a second glance if it didn’t have my favorite T-ara (티아라) member in it. Yet after first seeing it two weeks ago, failing to find it online, then carrying a camera around ever since, I was determined to post a picture here once I did finally find it again!

And then just five minutes before I did, I stumbled across the following, for which it seemed a wonderfully serendipitous accompanying image:

With my eternal gratitude to Kpopellahttp://kpopella.org/2012/03/18/exploration-of-genders/ – for uploading that file, the series sounds very interesting, and so I’m very slowly downloading that first episode as I type this. Once I finally actually get the time to see it, perhaps next weekend, then I’ll let you know what it’s like, and hopefully the link will still be active.

In the meantime, have any readers already seen it, and/or know more information about it? What did you think?

Update: I’ve just read Kpopella’s rules, and they ask that no-one link to the files on Rapidshare themselves. So I’ve removed the one I had here, and please just copy and paste it – https://rapidshare.com/files/362557317/EoG01-450pKOR.avi instead – (and, just to be on the safe side, I’ve removed the link and given the full address for Kpopella above too).

“Gender Advertisements” in the Korean Context: A Request

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If you’d told me a week ago that I’d be spending much of my birthday looking for images of Korean men touching themselves, I’d probably have politely told you never to comment on my blog again.

Prompted by this analysis of Korean magazine advertisements that found that Korean men were significantly more likely to be shown doing so than Western men in them however, that’s precisely what I’ve been doing. But for all their supposed ubiquity, it’s proving surprisingly difficult to find examples, throwing off my schedule for the next posts in this series.

To be specific, I’m after advertisements like these, but featuring Korean men rather than women, and would really appreciate any help. Seriously, what search terms would you suggest, in English or Korean?^^

Of course I do have some examples, and will continue looking: my planned post will simply take longer than expected. In the meantime then, let me briefly offer some amusing and/or interesting advertisements that have cropped up recently instead, starting with that for Coca Cola Korea (한국 코카콜라) above featuring Thai-American Nichkhun (닉쿤) of the Korean band 2PM. I think its humor speaks for itself, but in the unlikely event that you feel I’m reading too much into it, please see those featuring other…er…members of the band here, of which Junho (준호) in particular seems to be enjoying holding his miniCoke bottle entirely too much!

Next is this one for Venus lingerie (비너스) featuring Han Ye-seul (한예슬), featured on the front page of Korea’s main portal site Naver (네이버) as I type this. Why it’s interesting is because of the English name “Glam Up” for the bra featured, which, making little sense otherwise, supports the argument that the English word “glamor” has somehow come to mean “voluptuous” or “curvaceous” in Korean:

( Source )

In turn, it demonstrates the ridiculousness of the new Korean phrase cheongsoon-gullaemor (청순글래머; or “innocent glamor”), but which is nevertheless very much in vogue in the Korean media at the moment. But that is no great surprise in view of the enduring popularity of older ones for women’s bodies like “S-line” (S라인) perhaps, and so, lest I begin to sound too serious here, let me move on to this advertisement for Nike Korea (나이키) featuring ice skater Kim Yu-na (김연아):

( Source: korean lovers photoblog )

One of the most endearing athletes I’ve ever seen (well before she won her gold medal), it’s difficult not to simply adore Yuna, but I confess I still had to to laugh at what Matt at Gusts of Popular Feeling wrote about this ad last month:

By the way, does anyone find Kim’s expression in this ad to be, uh, ecstatic?

Perhaps there’s a reason the left hand side was cut off where it was. Just do it, indeed.

Okay, perhaps that was reading too much into it, and I’m sure you can understand my reluctance in not posting it earlier, the image of her at #10 here alone receiving thousands of hits in the last week of February, presumably most of them from fans…

Either way, I hope you at least one of those advertisements made you smile and/or think. And again, if anyone can help find examples of the sorts of advertisements I’m looking for, I would very much appreciate it; even if it’s only because you feel guilty for forgetting my birthday!^^