See you in Boston!

To any readers that missed it, just a quick reminder that I’ll be giving a lecture at Wellesley College in Boston this Friday!

Tentatively titled Peeling Back the Veneer of Modernity: An introduction to Korean gender issues through advertising and popular culture, it will be held at 4:30pm in the Pendleton Atrium, on the 2nd floor of Pendleton Hall (see here or here for directions). All are welcome.

Meanwhile, apologies for the lack of posting, but, what with having an horrendous flu last weekend, my eldest daughter catching bronchitis (which meant 6 hours in hospital today), and a huge pile of editing work to get through, then not only am I still finishing the lecture, but I’m afraid my blogging plans went completely out the window!

But things will be back to normal next week, and should it not be possible to record the lecture itself – unfortunately the Pendleton Atrium is not really set up for it – then I’ll make sure to write a blog version of it shortly thereafter.

Until next week then!^^

p.s. Don’t worry, my daughter is fine now! And, apologies again, but there’ll be a small charge of $5 for non-campus guests.


U.S. Guest Lecture, Boston November 12th

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Apologies for the slow posting recently, but I have a good excuse: at the invitation of Hyewon Kayla Cha, vice-president of the Korean Student’s Association, I’ll be giving a guest lecture on Korean gender issues at Wellesley College in Boston on Friday November 12th, and I’ve been organizing tickets!

It will be a very whirlwind trip unfortunately (Korean time I leave Thursday afternoon, and arrive back on Sunday evening), but I’m really looking forward to it, and it would be great to meet any US-based readers if you’re in the neighborhood.

Apologies in advance for my being a little distracted if we do meet though, as I haven’t actually been to the US since, well… 1987!^^

More details closer to the event.

Hyewon Kayla ChaHyewon Kayla Cha


p.s. Yes, Wellesley College is where Mona Lisa Smile was filmed in 2003.

p.p.s Can anyone recommend a way to book tickets from Korea for the flights from JFK to Logan International Airport? All done thanks!