U.S. Guest Lecture, Boston November 12th

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Apologies for the slow posting recently, but I have a good excuse: at the invitation of Hyewon Kayla Cha, vice-president of the Korean Student’s Association, I’ll be giving a guest lecture on Korean gender issues at Wellesley College in Boston on Friday November 12th, and I’ve been organizing tickets!

It will be a very whirlwind trip unfortunately (Korean time I leave Thursday afternoon, and arrive back on Sunday evening), but I’m really looking forward to it, and it would be great to meet any US-based readers if you’re in the neighborhood.

Apologies in advance for my being a little distracted if we do meet though, as I haven’t actually been to the US since, well… 1987!^^

More details closer to the event.

Hyewon Kayla ChaHyewon Kayla Cha


p.s. Yes, Wellesley College is where Mona Lisa Smile was filmed in 2003.

p.p.s Can anyone recommend a way to book tickets from Korea for the flights from JFK to Logan International Airport? All done thanks!

31 thoughts on “U.S. Guest Lecture, Boston November 12th

    1. Thanks, and will do. My wife though, who actually did most of the work organizing the tickets from Busan to Incheon and JFK and back really, thought that domestic flights were quite expensive if organized from Korea?

      But she may be wrong, as she hasn’t actually looked yet because my original plan was to go by train. Then I realized that I would be arriving at 7:30 at night and that it would take 4 hours…


        1. Thanks. Actually Hyewon Kayla Cha recommended Expedia as well, and after spending much of today on that my wife found Busan-Tokyo-Chicago-Boston (20 hours all up) then Boston-New York-Tokyo-Busan (21 hours) for $1460, which is what I’ll probably end up buying.


  1. I’m a senior at Wellesley College, and I just heard from my friend last night that you’d be coming soon to lecture! I couldn’t be more excited; I’ve been reading your blog for the last three years and can’t wait to hear your opinions on gender issues in the flesh. I don’t know if you’ve been to Wellesley before, but it’s a beautiful campus, and I really hope you enjoy your stay in the Boston area.


  2. I’ve passed on your info to a close friend at Wellesley, told her to spread the word and make sure she’s there. Congrats, and have a great trip!


  3. Boston boy here. Congratulations! I believe you will have a great time in the city. Wellesly is a world class institution. Nice work! The auditorium will be packed!

    Ofcourse I’m biased. Wouldn’t you be?


  4. Another option is southwest airlines. You can book flights on their website directly and theyre usually pretty cheap. But I think they only fly from La Guardia so you’d have to make your way across the city.


    1. Thanks, but my options are very limited with my time restrictions, so now that I’ve finally found it I’ve pretty much decided to go with the itinerary I got above, which would take me direct to Boston.

      5 out of 6 of the flights (3 each way) are with American Airlines by the way…any idea what they’re like?


      1. American Airlines? Yes I do. The flight attendants and pilots are all obese, they serve fried chicken and apple pie as meals, all staff are armed with .44 caliber or higher weaponary. You can also order heroine, cocaine (free base or regular base), PCP, weed (hydroponic or naturally grown), opioids (oxy or hydro moities of codeine or morphine), LSD (first class only) and MDA.

        Have a wonderful flight!


        1. I can’t wait…

          Fortunately, the trips between Busan and Tokyo are operated by JAL Express, so hopefully they’re okay (and the Boston to New York one is by American Eagle). The long hauls between Tokyo and the US are definitely by American Airlines though.


    1. Thanks, and will do. And on the bright side, my sleep-deprived, last-minute monstrosity in Daejeon has at least taught me that I need to get started on this one right now – 5 weeks in advance – if Wellesley College is going to get their money’s worth!


      1. Man . . . if that’s how you present sleep deprived and last minute . . . I am even more ashamed of my own work. ‘Cause you were awesome. Damn.
        But congratulations!
        p.s. You were great, too, Charles!


  5. Another long-time, avid reader and Wellesley alum… and former KSA co-president to boot.
    Unfortunately on the left coast now… I hope someone records and posts the event!
    I hope the event goes well~
    I work at a Korean American nonprofit in LA now… maybe some way, some how we could get you to LA!


    1. It’s very very tentative at the moment, but I might be coming to Irvine next May for a workshop on Korean popular culture. If so, then I’ll let you know, as I’m sure I could combine it with a lecture (or just meeting for a coffee!) or soemthing before or after!



    we are so very honored to be hosting you and I look forward to meeting you in person!


    1. *snaps* for the invite and making arrangements :) This post was a pleasant surprise. I, like Grace (and probably Hyewon as well) have been a fan of your blog, although not as long-only two years-but I’ve been checking in ever since my Professor mentioned your blog in a Gender and Language in Modern Korean culture class as an interesting read. I’ve always wanted to comment, and this seems like a better time than ever. I think it’s great that you’re able to bring so many topics into question and share insights and criticisms, while clearly appreciating the underlying culture (and doing so with so many supporting sources). Having an interest in Japanese culture as well, I think that it’s great that you include comparisons, especially as there are some similarities that are hard to miss in Confucian-influenced countries.

      Anyway, I’ve marked the date in my calendar and will be sure to bump spam once you start advertising :D

      Have a safe trip over here to Boston!


  7. wow, that’s fantastic! I’m an avid follower of your blog, been waiting for this to happen for a while ;) Congratulations!


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