Radio Interview Tomorrow, 7-8pm


Sorry for taking so long to return to regular posting everyone, but I have many good excuses. One is that I’m going to be a guest on Busan e-FM’s Let’s Talk Busan tomorrow, talking about Korean gender issues with Ricky Lee, the organizer of the recent V-Men event here in Busan, and Dr. Noriko Sato, an anthropology lecturer from Pukyeong University.

The show starts at 7pm. You can listen to it on the radio at 90.5, or online here (update: it’s available in the archives now). Please note that you’ll have to download Windows Media Player 10 first though, which I’ve just learned won’t work with Windows XP (update: alas, only on my computer sorry!).

2 thoughts on “Radio Interview Tomorrow, 7-8pm

  1. I’ve got Windows XP and WMP 11 and it works perfectly! That was an interesting broadcast, however poor dr. Sato didn’t have a lot of opportunities to express her opinion. It’s a pity cuz I was curious to hear how’s the status of women in Japan nowadays.


    1. Thanks for letting me know about WMP, and I guess it’s just my computer then. And I hear you about Dr. Sato ( a very cool lady; I got to chat with her on the subway afterwards), and I’d be very interested too. Unfortunately though, 1 hour minus 10-15 minutes of songs was barely enough to even scratch the surface of Korean gender issues really, let alone how they compared to Japan’s!


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