Public Lecture: “Sex and Gender Stereotypes in Korean Advertising”

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Apologies for the continued slow posting everyone, but I still have many good excuses, not least of which is my upstairs neighbor’s bathroom virtually exploding last night, suddenly sending torrents of water down the wall next to my computer as I typed on it (seriously, I was lucky I wasn’t electrocuted). On the plus side though, I’m happy to report that one of the guest lectures I’m doing is open to the public for a change, albeit at a terrible time, and that everyone is more than welcome. Please see above for the details, and here (click on “Visiting Us”) for a map of how to get to the building. It’ll last for about an hour, with fifteen minutes for questions.

See you there? I promise to buy you a coffee if you tell me in advance! :)

7 thoughts on “Public Lecture: “Sex and Gender Stereotypes in Korean Advertising”

  1. I would love to come but the only problem is that I live in Poland… Hopefully you’ll forgive me my absence this time! ;) good luck with your lecture anyway!


  2. #1, I didn’t see this in time.
    #2 I’m in Seoul

    ….Otherwise I’d definitely have gone! I’ve been lurking here for about a year now and it’s one of the best, ok, only blog of its kind that I’ve been able to find.

    Do you ever come to Seoul and speak or know of similar lectures/talks that might be happening on within Gyeonggi Prov.?


    1. 1) Thanks very much!
      2) I do indeed come up to Seoul to give presentations sometimes, although I don’t have anything scheduled at the moment sorry ㅠㅠ
      3) As far as I know, I’m pretty much the only guy lecturing about gender roles etc. in Korean advertising (at least in English, and in Korea). So I don’t know of any other lectures sorry.

      Anybody reading this though, please feel free to invite me to come up and present at your university or company. Even with travel expenses thrown in, I’m pretty cheap! :D


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