The Korean Media’s War on Women (and Men)

Via 10 Confessions, here is a short but quite rare “expo on the focus of the mass media and internet news sites on superficial looks of the entertainers in the industry, and how this trend needs to change.” Sorry that it’s all in Korean, but 10 Confessions provides a good (English) description of it, and it’s the least I can do to pass on the videos themselves (especially after spending half an hour looking for them!).

To see the segment, jump ahead to 2:30 in the first video. It lasts until 4:10 in the second.

4 thoughts on “The Korean Media’s War on Women (and Men)

      1. If you or anyone else is really desperate, I can email the videos to you (just email me here to let me know). Being a responsible blogger and all :D , I always save Youtube videos I post anyway, just in case the owner takes them down later (and now for situations like this too I guess!).


    1. If it keeps giving you trouble, try a proxy.

      You can use their sever to display content blocked in your country.
      It may be slow sometimes, but it gets the job done!


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