Quick Hit: “The Empowerment of the Pill in Korea”

Thanks very much for the comments on my earlier post on Korean OBGYN clinics, which I incorporated into a brief edit of my latest BusanHaps article. Just click on the picture to read.

Here’s hoping the KDFA makes the correct decision at the end of August!

5 thoughts on “Quick Hit: “The Empowerment of the Pill in Korea”

  1. Well the low birthdate is worrying the government. Maybe they’re fishing for more accidental pregnancies. Meaning the already illegal abortionists will be more cracked down on meaning even less safety for women who seek them out.


    1. The Lee Myung-bak Administration did indeed (re)criminalize abortion for precisely that reason, so yeah, it’s not as improbable as it may sound. But, as discussed in the article, I think infighting with the Korean medical industry is the most likely reason; making the morning-after pill available makes no sense otherwise.


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