Essential Reading: “Multiple Exposures: Korean Bodies and the Transnational Imagination”

(Sources — left: unknown; right)

See The Asia-Pacific Journal for the article. Covering many of the themes discussed on the blog, and much more besides, expect to see me linking to it for many years to come!

One thought on “Essential Reading: “Multiple Exposures: Korean Bodies and the Transnational Imagination”

  1. Surprised no one has commented on this.

    It’s very interesting; I’d never thought of the term “body politic” as it is tongue-in-cheekily and literally used in the article. I have a genuine interest in economics, so the idea of using Korean physiques to sell South Korea as an advanced nation never actually occurred to me, maybe because it’s ultimately very indirect and relies on a psychological connection which is societally-established and therefore uncertain. I’m afraid, however, that it does to a certain extent concur with what I’ve thought about Kpop for some time now; disregarding a small number of acts generally interested in the craft of music, it really IS just for show. “Look at our fancy videos; listen to our electro-dance music; look at our beautiful faces and shapely bodies!! See? We are a rich country now!!”, nevermind whether or not the substance matches the show.

    Perhaps it’s unfair, but I can’t help but feel that it’s accurate.


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