R.I.P. Korean Gender Reader

Girls' Generation Shocked(Source)

Sorry everyone, but this will be the last Korean Gender Reader.

It’s not the workload—this new format, decided upon a few months ago, is really quite light. I even enjoy collecting all the links now. And I do realize that many people look forward to these posts and rely on them.

Really, if I could keep doing them, I would.

The problem is that by their nature, they require a regular posting each week. Whereas partially because of my very limited free time, and partially because planned short posts often turn out to need weeks of extra research and writing, my natural posting style is anything but regular.

Try to combine the two? You’ve already been seeing the results—little but Korean Gender Reader posts filling in the gaps between the long ones. It doesn’t look good at all, and has an obvious solution.

And, frankly, it feels great to be able to post on what and whenever I like again, rather than constantly feeling pressured.

I could go on, including mentioning — no joke — developing repetitive strain injury in my right arm last month, but I’m sure you get the idea. Let me just say that it’s reminded me to only work on what I enjoy, while still doing my best to keep you entertained and informed in the process.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to post links on Twitter (@JamesTurnbull) and on the blog’s FB page, so all the stories that would have been going up will still be quite accessible really. And I’ll still be very happy and grateful to receive ideas and leads from readers, and/or to post announcements of your upcoming events and so on.


Wanted: Your Stories Of Love Lost, Unrequited Love and More (Speaking of China)


Girls & Guitars: K-Girls Rocking the Hallyu Wave (Elegiacomo; YAM Magazine)

Queer Links from the Week (The Kimchi Queen)

Sasaeng fan guests on CulTwo’s Veranda Show (Netizen Buzz)

Could This Be China’s Long-Awaited Youth Movement? (The Diplomat)

Why Aren’t Asian Actors Getting Leading Roles in Hollywood? (Jezebel)


Children of executed Chinese criminals don’t count as orphans, doomed to be homeless (Shanghaiist)

South Korea lives in the future (of brutal copyright enforcement) (Boing Boing)

— “It was not so long ago that writing an article on queer cinema in Korea was a real struggle, for want of source material.” (London Korea Links)

Former celebrity trainee reveals how much sexual favors cost (Netizen Buzz)

Chinese matchmaking agencies to regulate online dating due to lying scumbags (Shanghaiist)


From incorrectly calculated foreign crime rates to tabloid TV (Gusts of Popular Feeling)

Abs in Review: Super Junior (Seoulbeats)

Do It Palli-Palli, Keep Doing It Palli-Palli (Outlook India)

Number of students with HIV increasing, Chinese sex-ed still sucks (Shanghaiist)

And Hollywood’s latest bad guys are… the North Koreans (The Independent)


It’s Not (and Never Was) a Korean Wave — It’s a Globalization Wave (Mark Russel’s Website)

JTBC’s “We are Detectives” looks at foreign crime using the KIC report (Gusts of Popular Feeling; Part 2)

Beyond the Bad and the Ugly (Thick Dumpling Skin)

Couleur de peau: Miel, aka Approved for Adoption, screens at Leeds Young Film Fest (London Korea Links)

Government says flash mobs must be registered in advance (The Hankyoreh)


Failed minister nominee makes bitter attack on Korea’s ‘old prejudices’ (The Korea Herald; The Washington Post)

Why do they do that? Korean culture and the K-pop industry (Beyond Hallyu)

Sun Yat-sen University wants to see you masturbate (Shanghaiist)

Scenes from a Tokyo Skid Row Clinic (Japan Subculture Research Center)

What is quasi-rape? Is Park Si-hoo charged with rape? (Korean Gender Cafe; Asian Junkie)


The problem with debuting a girl group labeled as “tomboys” is that you gotta deliver the goods (YAM Magazine)

Korea: A Case Study in Normalcy Bias (The Patriot Post)

Journalist spotlights interview of school bullying victim in light of recent suicides (Netizen Buzz)

For JTBC, consensual sex between white men and Korean women is a “sex crime” (Gusts of Popular Feeling)

My Best Gay Friends Big YouTube Hit for Vietnam (The Diplomat)


Quite frankly, Taeyeon is not necessarily the “prettiest” member of SNSD. But… (Phenomenology/Intervention)

Experts call for a long-term vision of Korea as a multiethnic society, social agreement on overall immigration policy (The Korea Herald)

‘Extreme’ Hagwon Adverts Start Korean Education Debate (koreaBANG)

Hypergamy, Immigration and the Sexual Market in Hong Kong (Via Korea)

Confessions of a Fangirl: Girl Crushes? Oh, I Definitely Got Those (Seoulbeats)

(Links are not necessarily endorsements)

16 thoughts on “R.I.P. Korean Gender Reader

  1. I’ll take this optimistically, at least I still can re-read those of your previous writings which I haven’t finished them all yet since I’ve just become your fan recently. : ) I even wish I could still come up with some questions to you about Korean Gender later on. :’))


  2. I’ll agree with the above comment: time to read your previous posts and look forward to your more elaborate posts of the future. I suppose a daily visit at your Facebook page is in order.


  3. It will be a shame to not see this anymore, it’s always been a great way to keep up with everything and find interesting sites and it’s definitely helped me read more widely over the past year or so but if it means you will be writing more then I will look forward to it!

    Also thanks for the links in the past, really appreciate it. Definitely helped us get started ^^

    Will keep up with your Twitter/FB as always and looking forward to reading everything in future.


    1. Just in case of any confusion, it’s just the KGR posts that will stop, not the blog as a whole. Indeed, after having writer’s block most of last week, I’ve happy to report that this week I’ve done the bulk of a long post on SISTAR19 that I think you’ll like, and which I’m frankly already quite proud of. Hopefully, it’ll be up on Thursday at the latest.


  4. Been lurking around here a long time. Thanks for all the hard work. I consider this blog a valuable resource. I initially started reading your post because I was considerating moving to Korea. Thanks for all the hard work and great resources you have provided.


  5. If you want to avoid redundancy or link lists, but still want to add brief comments to things that don’t warrant full posts, I’ve always liked what London Korean Links does with their “micro posts” on the sidebar. Not sure if that’s a wordpress widget or what, but it could allow you to pick and choose some links to comment on without directing people to Facebook or Twitter.


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