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Just a quick note to say sorry for the unplanned blogging break everyone, and to let you know that it’s almost over. Mainly, it was just because I had a journal article to complete, which turned out to be much more work than expected. Truthfully though, I’ve also been feeling surprisingly angsty about turning 40 next week, not helped by a good friend just leaving Korea, and by a close colleague of mine suddenly dying over the vacation (she sat next to me actually—it’s been painful thinking about her empty desk). So, it’s been difficult to get in the mood for blogging.

But it felt good to make a fresh start with the new semester today. And the combination of splurging on a trip to Seoul to get drunk with said friend last weekend, and seeing my daughters being just plain adorable enjoying the unexpected blizzard, was already more than enough to break me out of my melancholy. Plus, OMG DID I MENTION ALL THE BOOKS I BOUGHT? SQUEEE~ #BOOKGASM #BESTSEOULTRIPEVER

Books, 27.02.16But seriously: I’m back, it feels great, and I’ll have some posts for you next week! :)

5 thoughts on “Update

  1. I know this is a little late. But I’m really happy you’re back too. I’m so thankful for coming across your blog. I’ve been reading your work for a long time, so I was a worried when things were quiet. I love reading your entries and I’ve actually learned so much from your blog (I wish I could bring you to lecture at my school). Your work has given me a new perspective on feminism and life in Korea as well. Thank you so much. Keep writing Q^_^Q James Fighting~!!!!


  2. Ah~ I forgot. I am taking a korean culture class and we use the ‘Korean Popular Culture’ textbook. SO I reference this site and your work all the time in class. haha. Please, please visit the east coast one day to give a lecture. >_<


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