Critical Korea Studies Meetup This Saturday!

Source: YouTube

Just between you and me, I’m having some great hair days at the moment. So, to take advantage, I’m coming up to Seoul out of my own pocket this weekend, to meet as many readers as possible. I’m just that good-looking.

Technically though, I’m going to be a moderator at the first Critical Korea Studies Meetup/Mini-conference, to be held from 3-6pm at Yonsei University on Saturday the 29th. And it’s important that I’ll just be a moderator, because I absolutely wouldn’t pay to go somewhere if I thought *I* was going to be the most interesting person in the room.

To be certain though, I need you to come, and your friends too. So, please check out and share this link or the Facebook Event Page for the details and more information, and feel free to join us for the dinner afterwards if you’re unavailable in the afternoon.

See you there!

(BTW, I’ll also be giving a presentation at Seoul National University on Monday the 1st. That’s private unfortunately, but it does explain the slow blogging sorry!)

2 thoughts on “Critical Korea Studies Meetup This Saturday!

  1. Hello! I was wondering if we are allowed to attend the SNU presentation if we are current students there and where to get info! Or is it like private private? haha thank you!


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