Viral 30-Second TikTok Video Explains Why Korea Needs Feminism

A handy riposte to anyone who claims that feminism is unnecessary in Korea, by Ibagua Kihanovief. Make sure to check out her Twitter, her Instagram, and especially her TikTok for many more Korean feminism-related videos like it.

The least I could do is translate it [with added links and a little extra context by myself!]:

“I’m very curious, why are you doing feminist stuff?”

“[For] The decriminalization of abortion.”

“[Because of] The Nth Room on the dark web.”

“[Because] Seungri still hasn’t been arrested for providing sex workers [for investors] in the Burning Sun Scandal.”

“[Because] Hidden cameras were found in the women’s toilets of the KBS building [let alone in just about every other public toilet in Korea].”

“[Actually] I, too, long for a world where feminism isn’t needed. [But…]”

“Teachers with Me-too allegations against them are still teaching.”

“Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon and Busan Mayor Oh Keo-don took advantage of their power to commit sexual assault.” [James—I hate to split hairs, but technically both were only accused of sexual harassment.]

“[A culture of] excessive sexual harassment [and abuse] in the military. ‘Oh, you’re very cute Private!'”

“In Yeonggwang County in Jeollanam-do, a male student in the first grade of middle school died of acute pancreatitis after being [repeatedly] sexually assaulted by four other teens in their shared dormitory.”

“In Daejeon in 2017, a female high school student took her own life after being ostracized for coming out as a lesbian.”

“On the Daejeon MBC channel, female news announcers are recruited as irregular workers, while male announcers are hired as regular workers [and so are paid much more and have greater job security and other benefits].”

“Don’t use the words ‘manly’ or ‘womanly.’ Use ‘like me’ instead.” [End]

See you next week!

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