Shocking Report: Foreigners Dating Koreans Conspiracy! — 충격보기: 외국인과 교제음모!

This video is a parody of the ridiculous, offensive video “The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners” which aired on South Korea’s MBC TV network in May 2012. Click here to see the original video with English subtitles.

16 thoughts on “Shocking Report: Foreigners Dating Koreans Conspiracy! — 충격보기: 외국인과 교제음모!

  1. Very well done. I thought going to an English books section of a bookstore to find seedy foreigners was just brilliant.


    1. Indeed. I did have one minor issue with it though, and that was the references to penis size at the beginning, which I thought were confusing, unnecessary, and ultimately detracted from the point. While I’m certain that the authors weren’t making jokes at Koreans’ expense (it is aimed at Koreans after all), that segment could easily be misinterpreted, especially with that “chart” at 1:17 (although the baby just before that was priceless!).

      (Not that I want to encourage any inane discussions about Korean mens’ penis size here though. Let me refer anyone who is tempted to this definitive post instead!)


      1. Seriously with the US miltiary occupation I have no idea how any Korean female can seriously get it on with a white guy let alone get married and have hapa kids, hey james, are your kids Korean citizens or did you give them British citizenship? lol, do you speak to them in english? You are a major insult to Koreans and Korean men, and your wife is a clueless whore that needs to go back to college and de-colonize her mind and learn some post -colonial theory, ughhhh gtfo, seriously as a female, i have no idea how your wife can show her face anywhere. Korea with US military and she goes around with some white guy? lol wow, i guess the posters here are right on some accounts, that Korean innocence? in James’s wifes case? utter stupidity and what was that word another poster said? “primitive” lol primitive clueless BARF you can ban me, this site is crap and i cant wait to get my campus org to translate all this crap for Koreans to read, hahah


  2. Awesome work, it is good to see not all Koreans are xenophobic retards, but rational thinking human beings. I will ensure my wife’s students watch both the original, and the spoof tonight, by the way, she is a Korean (gasp) English teacher.


  3. I agree about the penis reference though the idea of America conspiring to send particularly well endowed men posing as English teachers was funny.


  4. Just to say an example, I dont remember the last time I saw all the girls of SNSD with their natural, beautiful, korean brunette/black hair. Half of the girls are blonde now, isnt it a “western menace” as well? And I didnt mention the English lyrics in every kpop song, oh, and the movie stars who have surgeries to make their eyes look bigger and their noses thinner. Koreans are becoming foreing and western themselves. Maybe the MBC should talk about that kind of things in the korean entertainment industry, because, you know, they are supposed to influence a whole society…
    The original was terrible and gave the worst message. The parody i loved it ^^


    1. A Korean woman who is dying her hair tries to look western just as much as a white woman who frequently uses a tanning bed/browning lotion is trying to look black/indian. As for SNSD…What if they just got a makeover to make the members more distinguishable for western audiences.


  5. Being outraged by xenophobia and countering with racist stereotypes? This could have been a very good parody if it wouldn’t be for the inane displays of a white male superiority complex. I do not consider the references to penis size to be part of the parodic nature of the rest of the clip. Rather they seem to reflect the real-world racist stereotypes of whoever made this video. And as one Youtube commenter said: “I don’t think dick jokes is the way to handle this issue and win points with Korean society.”


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