Have a Queer Weekend~!

Busan Drag Prom 2013(Source)

To those of you in the south of the country, I hope to see you all at Busan’s Second Annual Drag Prom this Saturday night, which promises to be a much bigger event — at 3 locations instead of just 1! — than last year’s. (Seriously, please say hi!) Check out Busan Haps or the Facebook event page for further details, and please note that you absolutely don’t have to wear costumes to attend!


Meanwhile, for those of you up north, the 14th Korean Queer Festival also starts this weekend, with various events spread over the next 2 weeks, including a parade on Saturday and the Seoul LGBT Film Festival starting on Thursday. See 10 Magazine, the Facebook event page, or the Korean Queer Festival website for further details.

Taeyeon Drag Queens(Source)

Speaking entirely too frankly, I’d just *ahem* love to dress like this at the drag prom, especially like him/her on the far left. But, alas, I’m just too attached to my goatee to shave it off, and besides which don’t have any wigs (nor, indeed, a mini-skirt)…

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