English-to-Korean Translator Needed!

English-to-Korean Translator Wanted(Source)

I’ve been asked to pass on the following:

Research Project Korea is urgently looking for an English-to-Korean translator for a one-off translation job.

In May, leading German news magazine DER SPIEGEL published a deeply flawed and heavily biased cover story about the alleged failure of the German prostitution law. (see here) The article, published in German and English, is since being used by anti-prostitution activists and politicians as “evidence” that the German prostitution law lead to an increase in human trafficking in Germany, although official statistics by the federal criminal police (BKA) show the opposite is true.

A Korean sex worker has informed me that several Korean newspapers recently published articles about the SPIEGEL report, which jeopardises the ongoing review of Korea’s Anti-Sex Trade Law by the Korean Supreme Court. We are therefore looking for a translator who will translate a detailed critique, written by Sonja Dolinsek and myself, in which we debunk the claims of the SPIEGEL report, to make it available to Korean audiences.

Does legal prostitution really increase human trafficking in Germany? | Feminist Ire
The text has 17,382 characters (with spaces), equalling 316 lines. You can view the article here.

Please contact Matthias Lehmann at yongsagisa[at]gmail[dot]com and include a sample of your work and a quote of how much you would like to be paid. We are planning a fundraiser to be able to pay for the translation.

Research Project Korea examines the impact of Korea’s Anti-Sex Trade Law on sex workers’ human rights. If this is the first time you visit our blog, please read the About page or our guest post on The Grand Narrative.

One thought on “English-to-Korean Translator Needed!

  1. Dear All,
    We had great responses from several people and we have now hired a Korean artist (with translation experience) who lives in Berlin and will do the job for us. We are currently running a fundraiser to pay her a fair salary as Research Project Korea is not-for-profit (actually, it’s the opposite of profit) and entirely funded by private donations. We reached over 60% of our target already but would be grateful for any contribution, big or small. And while you’re at it, why not donate the same amount to The Grand Narrative for bringing you so many great stories year in, year out.

    Small Fundraiser for Important Translation Job (James, please remove this if it’s inappropriate.)

    Thank you to everyone who has contacted us and thank you, James, for posting this on your blog.


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