63 Years On: Free Screening in Seoul this Sunday

With thanks to Shannon Heit for letting me know, this Sunday at Jogyesa Temple in Seoul there will be a free screening of 63 Years On, an award-winning documentary about the Comfort Women (with English subtitles). If you’re interested in attending, please see the press release (an MS Word file) for further details, and note that it actually starts at 2pm, not 3pm as stated in the poster (which I’ve confirmed is a mistake).

5 thoughts on “63 Years On: Free Screening in Seoul this Sunday

    1. Don’t ask me! But I’m not sure The Neverending War would be that much better really…not so bloodless perhaps, but still not very informative.

      Not that I can talk though, as The Grand Narrative doesn’t exactly scream “Korean Gender Issues” either!


  1. Hello. Do you know when other screenings of this movie will take place? I want to share these information with friends in Seoul who still couldn’t see it


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