The Vagina Monologues in Busan: Sunday, April 25th

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Very surprised to hear that this will be not only be playing in Busan, but just 10 minutes away in my local drinking district of Kyungsung and Pukyong university, I’m glad to finally get a chance to see this. With all proceeds going to shelters that help victims of sex trafficking in Korea, check out the Facebook page for the details, including about the after party: am looking forward to meeting some readers there!

Update 1: Lest the poster above give you the wrong impression however, which is actually for a Korean performance in Bucheon, please note that the performance is in English, and you can hear an interview of the cast on Koreabridge here if you like.

Update 2: You need to be logged on to see the Facebook page, so alternatively you can see here for the details instead, and I’ve also added a map below.

Update 3: See here for an article in Busan Haps.


7 thoughts on “The Vagina Monologues in Busan: Sunday, April 25th

  1. err, in English? That is kinda limiting its potential audience isn’t it? Or did they not think they could fill seats with a Korean version?


    1. Just a quick reply while I’m in the middle of typing the next post: I know of at least one performance in Korean in Bucheon last Sunday, and there have been several other Korean and English performances in Korea over the past few years. I’m hoping to find out this week if and how Korean and English versions were different and how people reacted to the former, and will hopefully be able to report back next week.


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